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Labor and Delivery

Cost of Service:  FREE

At MMC we do not charge for our midwifery services.  All care is provided FREE of charge. 


For patients who are eligible for Phil Health, we practice the No Balance Billing policy.  For those who are unable to obtain Phil Health coverage, the fees charged are only for birth supplies used.  Use of our facility and professional services provided by our midwives are FREE of charge regardless of Phil Health status.

Our midwives and nurses believe in a woman’s natural ability to give birth.  We aim to provide love and support to each mother as she goes through the labor and delivery process.  Each mother is allowed to enjoy the company of a companion of her choice throughout her labor, delivery and postpartum.  Our midwives will support and empower you to give birth safely.

Each birth is a unique experience and we seek to honor the mothers through their birth process.  Research has shown that intervention-free natural birth provides for quicker healing and better bonding between mother and baby.  Mothers are allowed to move around, eat, drink and rest as they like.  Women are also allowed to choose the birth position of their choice for a better-empowered birth experience.

MMC practices the DOH required EINC protocol for labor and delivery:

  • Continuous maternal support, by a companion of her choice, during labor and delivery

  • Mobility during labor – the mother is allowed to walk and move around

  • Position of choice during labor and delivery

  • Supportive care to minimize pain

  • Spontaneous pushing in the mother's position of choice

  • Episiotomy will not be done, unless absolutely necessary

  • Active management of third stage of labor (AMTSL)

  • Monitoring the progress of labor with the use of partograph


Unnecessary Interventions are eliminated at MMC

The unnecessary interventions during labor and delivery, which do not improve the health of mother and child, are eliminated. These are enemas and shavings, fluid and food intake restriction, and routine insertion of intravenous fluids. Fundal pressure to facilitate the second stage of labor is never practiced because it has been proven to cause maternal and newborn injuries and death. 

Likewise, the unnecessary interventions in newborn care which include routine suctioning, early bathing, routine separation from the mother, footprinting, application of various substances to the cord, and giving pre-lacteals or artificial infant milk formula or other breast-milk substitutes. 

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