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Post-Partum Care and Baby Checks
Cost of Service:  FREE

At MMC we recognize that bonding between mother and baby begins at the moment of birth.  MMC is an Unang Yakap certified centre. 


Our midwives and nurses provide opportunities for the family to bond with their newborn throughout the entire postpartum period.  Breastfeeding is encouraged immediately.  Mothers stay comfortably at MMC for a minimum of 25 hours, or until she is strong and stable and ready to return home.

Return visits are scheduled for 3 days, one week, three weeks and six weeks.  All follow up visits provide checkups on the well-being of both mother and baby and are FREE of charge.

MMC EINC Unang Yakap Policy:

  • Immediate and thorough drying of the newborn

  • Early skin-to-skin contact between the mother and the newborn

  • Properly-timed cord clamping and cutting

  • Unang Yakap (First Embrace) of the mother and her newborn for early breastfeeding initiation

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